Spending a month in Finland was a truly transformative experience. It felt like a journey that changed me. The people I met there became like family, and the beauty of the place was beyond words. This experience has left an indelible mark on my life. Through the Changemakers, I learned invaluable lessons on sharing the Gospel and making disciples with clarity and compassion. It reinforced our mission and reminded us of the importance of never losing sight of this goal. It was definetly worth it.



Changemakers gave me awesome new connections internationally. I was already familiar with EE in my own country. It was awesome meeting like minded believers around the world, who were passionate about christ and evangelism, and also going out together to witness, SO FREAKING AWESOME!



Changemakers was the first time I heard of Evangelism Explosion, it’s ministry and impact. The whole program, training and people were an encouragement and refreshing. I learned how to share my faith with confidence and practically so everybody might understand the gospel. Changemakers was and still is the best training or camp I’ve ever been to. It really strengthen the desire to serve God and focus our eyes on Him, living for His glory alone.